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Mike ‘Fish’ Jeanmaire was Chairman of the CDG for thirty years. Following his death in November 2010 the Fish Award was created. This is awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the CDG. Whilst the nature of the contribution is not precisely defined, the guiding principle is that the individual should have served the CDG rather than any other organisation or themselves.

Fish Award process.

  1. Ten weeks before the CDG AGM the past winners form a committee.
  2. The last winner acts as chair (if not available then down the list).
  3. The Committee come up with a list of possible recipients for the award.
  4. Discussion and vote.
  5. The Fish Award committee may decide not to give the Fish Award in any given year.
  6. The chair has the casting vote.
  7. Chair writes the presentation address.
  8. The award is given at the annual CDG AGM dinner.

Mike “Fish” Jeanmaire, as Chairman in 2008

The recipients of the Fish Award are as follows:

2012: John Buxton
2013: John Cordingley
2014: Clive Westlake
2015: Andrew Ward
2016: Duncan Price
2017: David Ryall
2018: David Brock
2019: Rob Murgatroyd
2020: Helen Farr
2021: Dany Bradshaw
2022: Colin Hayward
2023: Paul Whybro
2024: Russell Carter