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Notes on submission

The CDG Newsletter is the primary source of information regarding dives conducted by members and is a useful repository for those researching sites, compiling sump indexes and rescue teams that may need to come looking for you. Contributions are welcomed from all divers regardless of their membership of the CDG or otherwise.

A house style has evolved, guidance on the standard format for dive logs and an example are given below. Such reports have evolved into a third person style, which works well so please consider adopting this format.

AMAZING POT, Superior Dale, North Yorkshire.  SD 123456



Support: B Quiet, C Arrythattank

AH dived first using 2 x 3 litre cylinders. The diver laid 20 metres of line in Sump 1. A maximum depth of 5 metres was reached. At -5 m an ascent was made to surface in Amazing II.


  1. There is no abbreviation for litre.
  2. Depths should not be double negative (e.g.”A depth of -5 metres” is incorrect).
  3. The abbreviation for metre is lower case ‘m’ with a space between it and the number. The unit of distance is the metre, not “meter”.

To make the Editor’s life easier, please send a separate email for each site.  Surveys and diagrams to accompany dive reports and articles are very welcome, however, photographs do not reproduce well so check first with the Editor. Surveys should be drawn to BCRA standards, with a title, grid reference, Northing and scale, and indication of BCRA grade.

Please note that whilst every effort is made to accommodate tourist and training dive reports in the Newsletter they are published only when there is sufficient space.  Finally, proof reading your work before sending it to me makes for a much happier Editor.

Submission Form

Accepted file types are .txt .doc .docx and for surveys, .png .jpg & .jpeg. PDFs are not accepted as I may struggle to extract text or graphics. Please virus check attachments before sending, as virus infected mail will not be delivered.