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  • Technical Divers since 1946

    The Cave Diving Group is the representative body for Cave Divers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its function is to educate and support cavers for recreational and exploratory operations in British sump conditions

Technical Divers since 1946

The Cave Diving Group was formed in 1946 by the late Graham Balcombe, making it the longest running cave diving organisation and amateur diving club in the world.



A British cave diver using rebreather and diver propulsion vehicle



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Cave Diving British Style

There are some things that we would tell anyone thinking of going cave-diving in the UK - things we think they should know...

  • A British cave diver checks his gauges

The Learning Curve

An experienced cave diver is 39 times more likely to survive a dive than his counterpart from 26 years ago. Unfortunately this improvement in diver safety has not been matched for inexperienced divers.

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Access to UK Cave Diving Sites

Negotiating access to caves can be a drawn out and delicate process. This article explains what can be involved in gaining (and keeping) access to UK cave diving sites.

  • A CDG diver preparing for a long cave diver using a closed circuit rebreather and diver propulsion vehicles

Cave Diving Risk Assessment

Cave diving is a hazardous activity that carries significant inherent risks of personal harm or injury, including death.