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About the Welsh Section

The majority of Welsh Section members are drawn from South Wales Caving Club, however other clubs with strong ties to the Section include Chelsea Speleological Society, Croydon Caving Club , Hereford Caving Club  and Morgannwg Caving Club  , amongst others. The Section is a member of the Cambrian Caving Council and encourages its divers to become involved with South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue.

Being active with one of the above caving clubs is an ideal way to meet Welsh Section members. Successful applications for membership of the Welsh Section will typically come from cavers who can demonstrate that they are active in South Wales. The Section has a quarterly formal meeting, often with a diving/training event arranged for the same weekend.

Section Officers

SecretaryMichal Poreba
TreasurerTim Morgan
Training OfficerGareth Davies

Diary Dates

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