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Guidelines on incident reporting

CDG reporting system collects data from anyone with a relevant story to tell, where others can learn from the information in it. The report form is in two sections. The first section asks for a description of the incident. Please try to give all relevant information, whilst being as succinct as possible. Descriptions will be edited if necessary. The second section is supporting information that will only be used for statistical information.

Please also read the CDG policy on incident reporting.


Please be aware there is a fine line between advising of a potential hazard and maintaining confidentiality. It is not the CDG’s aim to embarrass anyone. The full details provided can be seen by the incidents administrator only. You can opt to make the incident public or keep it private. Only the first part of the report form will be released if it is made public. The CDG reserves the right to publish heavily edited and restricted information where the public value is considered to justify this, such as might occur if an important equipment malfunction was described. If you want the information to be edited in this way, please state ‘For editing’ on the description of the incident.

Incident Reporting Form