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This policy covers any information posted to the web site. ‘Message board’ means any area of the board where a web user can post information without the manual intervention of the Webmaster. This includes the Discussion Board, the vis­bot pages, the section specific pages and any other similar areas of the site.

  1. The CDG web site is provided free of charge as a service to members and the general public. The CDG offers no guarantee of the service level or other availability, and reserves the right to alter or withdraw the service at any time temporarily or permanently without notice.
  2. Material posted to the message board remains the sole responsibility of the original poster. This means that the poster, and not CDG, is entirely responsible for the content posted to the message board.
  3. The CDG does not systematically or routinely monitor the message board for questionable material, and does not undertake to act pro­actively to remove postings of whatever nature before they are specifically brought to the attention of the Digital Manager or National Secretary.
  4. The CDG does not censor postings or investigate them for accuracy, the CDG is not legally responsible for the remarks that users post, even if those remarks are defamatory or otherwise illegal. The original poster is however responsible, including content posted unsigned, anonymously, or under an assumed name. The CDG logs and keeps information that could assist in identifying an author even when not signed with the user’s own name.
  5. The CDG may at its discretion remove any material from view that it considers contrary to the aims, interests, or well being of the Group or for any other reason.
  6. The CDG will cooperate with law enforcement agencies with appropriate jurisdiction and authority, or with courts with similar powers. This cooperation might include removing postings from view, or releasing logged information related to the poster, or other cooperation as appropriate.
  7. The CDG may edit or remove postings on the request of their authors where it is practicable to do so. Editing or removal is at the discretion of the acting CDG officer.
  8. The CDG Digital Manager has authority from the CDG to manage the board and to edit or remove material, or to disable part or all of the web site service, not limited to the message board. The CDG Digital Manager will, on request of the Central Committee make a report of such actions within a reasonable time.
  9. CDG policy is to ask users not to post any material containing: Personal information about any third party, including addresses, email addresses, phone numbers etc. Racist, sexist, obscene, political, religious, or other potentially offensive subject matter. Copyrighted information other than by or with the permission of the copyright holder.