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Techniques for Group Diving in UK Sumps

This review is aimed at UK side mount diving on air and seeks to provide guidance on how to adapt established team diving techniques to UK conditions for divers who normally dive solo. The [...]

Rebreather Preparation Checklists

Mike Thomas has kindly produced two generic rebreather pre-dive checklists. A standard dive preparation checklist can be found here. A Immediate pre-dive checklist can be found here.

Weil’s Disease – a Cave Diving Hazard

Weil's disease (or “Leptospirosis”) is caused by a bacterium called Leptospira. It is often present in the urine of rats and farm animals; this gets into watercourses where the bacteria can survive for up [...]

Mine Diving

Mines are man made and inherently a higher risk environment than the vast majority of natural caves. A cave is formed over a long period of time and its intrinsic stability is due to this. Mines are cavities excavated over a relatively short time period and not there because of any natural process.

Sump Rescue

The CDG has no constitutional role in cave rescue. If divers volunteer their services to cave rescue teams then they do so as individuals. There are many cave rescue teams in the UK, all of which are represented on the British Cave Rescue Council.

Recovery of a Drowned Casualty and CPR

Related knowledge CPR training. Recovery situation Casualty will sink as lungs fill with water. Casualty may not have any form of BCD. Casualty may be wearing a dry-suit. Casualty may be wearing a BCD. [...]

Underwater Winching

When working on a dig underwater you may need to move large blocks. Winching can be an effective way of clearing the obstruction but there is more to it that meets the eye,

Sumps and existing lines

Whether a new project or a training/tourist dive you will most likely be diving on a line that is already present. This comes with a few advisories.

Notes on using your search reel

The overwhelming number of accidents encountered on a cave dive will be line derived, most will be caused by a lost line. So it’s all gone wrong? No line not a lot of visibility [...]