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Submitted DateIncident Name
2007-04-24Stuck Direct Feed - Over-inflated Drysuit
2007-03-27Poseidon Cyklon 300 Exhaust Circlip
2007-03-27Purge Valve Jammed Open - Early Valves
2007-03-27Wookey Line Junction Navigation Error
2007-03-27Fin Heel Strap Line Traps
2007-03-27Fin Heel Straps - Failure and Line Traps
2007-01-11Draeger-Normalair Pillar Valve Leak
2007-02-26Frozen and free-flowing regulators
2007-04-05Bent pillar valve
2007-04-18Infected valve
2007-03-07ST5000 Valve failure
2007-04-26Another roller buckle failure
2007-03-07Route finding difficulties and poor gas management
2007-01-11O-ring Failure
2007-04-26The potential danger using a diving knife
2009-06-02Depth-dependent symptoms
2007-04-25Oxygen Explosion in High Pressure Hose
2007-01-112nd Stage Failure
2007-04-03Mask kicked off
2007-04-24Buoyancy Control
2007-01-111st Stage Leak
2007-01-112nd Stage Diaphragm Failure
2007-04-24Frayed Line Breaks on Pulling
2007-04-24Line Pulled Away by Second Diver
2007-01-11LNRC Gravel in Valves
2007-04-24Line Burried in Deep Silt
2007-01-11Jammed US Deepstar 1st Stage
2009-05-15Marking Line Junctions and Changing Conditions
2010-03-28Stocking on mouth piece
2007-04-24Line Broken At Base
2007-04-24Vomiting After a Lunchtime Brandy
2010-01-29Overconfident with tatty line
2007-01-11Petroleum Jelly Deforms Exhaust Valve
2007-05-02No Guideline Much Percolation.
2007-04-24Pushing Air Margins
2007-03-28Circular Loop During Connection Attempt
2007-04-24Unsecured Line Reel
2007-01-11Leaks from LP Hoses / 1st Stage
2007-08-23Navigational error whilst scootering
2007-04-24The Case of the Vanishing Line
2007-01-11Draeger-Normalair Jammed Tap
2007-04-24Dead Mans Handshake
2007-01-11LP Hose Burst
2011-06-10Awareness of the change in sump characteristics brought about by low water levels
2009-05-25Mental State external stressors
2007-05-08Diving in tight beddings - tank valves
2007-05-04Grit in piston 1st stage reg.
2007-04-25O2 near hits
2007-04-24Diving With a Hangover
2007-04-24Dive knife that does not cut - snippers that cut too well
2007-04-24Lost Equipment
2007-04-23Drysuit inversions x 4
2007-04-11MCCR CO2 Hit
2007-04-03Near-Death by Mannikin
2007-04-02Stocking on second stage
2007-01-26Near blackout
2007-01-26Ruptured eardrum
2007-01-11Kingfisher Valve Defects
2007-01-11Tangled in Piano Wire
2007-01-11Broken Thin Diving Line in Shaft
2007-01-11Navigational Uncertainty in High Water
2007-03-02Manta 5000ST Freeflow - Filter Failure
2006-12-05Dizziness from Cold
2007-01-10ABLJ and Drysuit Inflation
2014-03-22First cave dive with unfamiliar kit
2007-01-10DIN valve on large cylinder damaged in transit
2007-04-25Roller bar buckles
2007-04-19Failed Dive Computer
2007-02-28Diver caught on roof.
2007-04-20Panic/lost line
2007-04-23Lost line x 2
2007-03-26Cylinder Valve Casting Defect
2007-01-11Flooded Mask
2007-04-20Near-drowning whilst kitting up.
2007-04-20Another MCCR CO2 hit
2007-04-24Unfamiliar / Unsuitable gear
2007-04-17Out tag confusion
2007-04-12Cyklon 300 diaphragm fell off
2007-01-26gravel fouling of regulator
2007-04-03Diver lost in Flooded Mine
2007-01-162nd stage O-ring faliure
2007-04-20Nightmare in Elm Hole
2007-08-10Rebreather checks
2008-06-17Regulator freezing
2007-03-29Pushing thirds too far
2008-12-09Rockfalls and Lost Gear
2010-05-17Moving Big Rocks
2008-04-15Air Stuck in Drysuit
2008-03-29Drysuit Bouyancy
2008-05-27Snagged by own reel
2009-08-15Burst Stye
2009-04-27Lost Trainee diver
2011-10-07Valve coming apart
2010-05-18Drysuit inflator issues in constricted passages
2013-10-19Mobile rock slope
2011-05-07Issues using Tirfor style wrinches in confined spaces
2011-04-29Tank jammed in crack
2015-12-10Did not line jumps and got lost
2014-05-11Lack of equipment checks
2015-12-10Leaking low pressure hose
2016-06-15Sticking drysuit inflation valve
2016-08-04Wrong way in zero vis with small bottles.
2015-03-19Burst hose beyond awkward restriction
2017-11-11Line entanglement
2019-10-06Diver lost with no line to follow
2019-01-14Fins fell off in the sump
2019-06-16Stuck Ear
2019-12-242nd stage hose detached during dive
2019-07-15Shattered Diving Mask Beyond Multiple Sumps