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Incident Reports 2019-01-14T14:25:21+00:00
2nd stage hose detached during dive
Diver lost with no line to follow
Shattered Diving Mask Beyond Multiple Sumps
Stuck Ear
Fins fell off in the sump
Line entanglement
Wrong way in zero vis with small bottles.
Sticking drysuit inflation valve
Did not line jumps and got lost
Leaking low pressure hose
Burst hose beyond awkward restriction
Lack of equipment checks
First cave dive with unfamiliar kit
Mobile rock slope
Valve coming apart
Awareness of the change in sump characteristics brought about by low water levels
Issues using Tirfor style wrinches in confined spaces
Tank jammed in crack
Drysuit inflator issues in constricted passages
Moving Big Rocks
Stocking on mouth piece
Overconfident with tatty line
Burst Stye
Depth-dependent symptoms
Mental State external stressors
Marking Line Junctions and Changing Conditions
Lost Trainee diver
Rockfalls and Lost Gear
Regulator freezing
Snagged by own reel
Air Stuck in Drysuit
Drysuit Bouyancy
Navigational error whilst scootering
Rebreather checks
Diving in tight beddings - tank valves
Grit in piston 1st stage reg.
No Guideline Much Percolation.
Another roller buckle failure
The potential danger using a diving knife
Oxygen Explosion in High Pressure Hose
Roller bar buckles
O2 near hits
Lost Equipment
Dive knife that does not cut - snippers that cut too well
Diving With a Hangover
Vomiting After a Lunchtime Brandy
Pushing Air Margins
Buoyancy Control
Stuck Direct Feed - Over-inflated Drysuit
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