2021 Fish Award

||2021 Fish Award

Dany Bradshaw

British cave divers have achieved truly great things and since 1946 have organised ourselves under the banner of the CDG, which provides the framework for our activities.

An organisation like ours does not come from nothing or maintain itself and since 2012 the Group has made an annual award in honour of Mike Jeanmaire, Fish, whose steady hand and patient work developed the CDG as we know it today.

Fish was a team-builder and a diplomat. The annual award bearing his name is given to individuals who have also served the CDG in ways aligned to Fish’s leadership. The recipient is decided by a committee of past holders and presented by or on behalf of the most recent holder.

The contributions of this year’s recipient are many and varied:

  • A Former section secretary.
  • A supporter of cave rescue operations, both diving and dry caving, frequently first on the scene of incidents. One of his feats – bodily carrying a casualty from a cave –  being recreated for a TV documentary.
  • A representative of cave rescue on a national level at BCRC supporting conventional and cave diving interests.
  • Until very recently ran the relationship and access arrangements at a major commercial show-cave to maintain access to the site where our sport began.

A recent health setback has happily been overcome and this is an excellent time to show our appreciation for years of effort in support of the Group by giving the Fish Award for 2021 to Dany Bradshaw.