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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

2nd stage hose detached during dive

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Incident Description

During an open water training dive, a growing stream of bubbles was noticed from the 2nd stage to hose union. Regulators were swapped and the leaking set isolated at cylinder. On inspection it became apparent that the union had come loose, having only been attached finger-tight for easy dismantling and transport, as advised by an experienced QD. The union was tightened, but continued to leak. Due to good viz and open-water conditions, the union was fully undone, reseated and tightened. This fixed the issue and the training dive was completed without issue. The diver had been advised to remove 2nd stage regs to prevent linking hoses when packing regs in a BDH. The advice was that leaving them finger tight was OK, however the incident highlights that finger tight unions can work loose.

Lessons Learned

Always thoroughly check equipment before a dive. Carry appropriate tools (spanner / allan keys) to maintain equipment prior to dive.
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