General Background



The Cave Diving Group was formed in 1946 by the late Graham Balcombe. Its continuous existence to the present day makes it the oldest surviving diving club in the world.

The CDG's function is to educate and support cavers for recreational and exploratory operations in British sump conditions.

The facilities of the group include information resources, publications - including sump indices, training literature and a quarterly newsletter. The Group also owns equipment for the use of members, and takes out third party insurance on their behalf.

The Group is administered nationally by the Central Committee, with a President, Chairman, Secretary and various officers. The active, diving members of the Group are subdivided geographically into four Sections: Derbyshire, Northern, Somerset and Welsh. Diving members belong to a regional section, and are represented at a Central Committee who deliver services such as insurance and the Newsletter.

The sections hold regular administrative meetings. Contact the secretary of your section for information on forthcoming events.

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