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The CDG newsletter is the definitive reference for dives in the UK and also accepts relevant reports concerning dives in other countries. It is also a useful repository for those researching sites, compiling sump indexes and rescue teams that may need to come looking for you. You do not have to be a member of the Group to contribute. Non-members are welcome to report their dives to make the information available to a wide audience, avoid duplication of effort and ensure proper credit. To submit a report click here.

112, 2017

Deadline for January 2018 Newsletter Content

A slight delay means that NL205 is not with you quite yet, however, thoughts are already turning to NL206. Many thanks to those of you who have submitted dive logs and articles already. The submission deadline for logs, articles, awarding of QD status and relevant entries for the Diary for NL206 (Jan 18) will be 1 Dec. However, please continue to send me material prior to this date as I will begin the proof reading as I receive it. A reminder of the correct format and style for dive logs is included at the end of NLs should you need it. Thanks in advance, Adrian