The Cave Diving Group provides education about cave diving through a mentoring system. Details are available in the Cave Diver Education programme (PDF 4Kb)

Each section ensures that Trainee Divers have reasonable access to suitable training.

The CDG provides a code of practice for the delivery of cave diver training in its Training Standard (PDF 16Kb).

An experienced Trainee Diver can approach their Section for assessment for Qualified Diver status on completion of a suitable training programme. (PDF 11Kb)

The updated training manual 'Cave Diving' published by the Group provides background information about techniques. It is essential to get practical training before trying to implement any of the contents!

We have also added revised Training Records (PDF 93Kb) and guidance on the Training Process (PDF 446Kb) (updated Jan 2015) which all CDG members should be familiar with.

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