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Training Camp  


Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
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09/01/2020 3:30 pm  

Training Camp 2020

location: BPC hut, Brackenbottom, Yorkshire Dales.

Date: 12/13/14th June.

Exact details are still to be finalized and will be weather dependent, but the hut has been booked so there should be plenty of space for everybody. We hope to have some kind of communal food on the Saturday evening.

We will try to make it relevant to both Trainees and Qualified Divers as well as aspirant members of the CDG. If there are any topics that people would like to see covered, please either send me an email, or post below.


Ben Wright

Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 58
21/02/2020 3:14 pm  

Ben et al,

With about a week to go before the April NL deadline, could someone please put some details together for the CDG Training Camp in June that I can use for the NL?

Many thanks,


Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 121
23/02/2020 4:49 pm  

Will put something together for you in the week 🙂



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Diary Dates

1306, 2020

CDG Training Camp 2020

The 2020 CDG Training Camp will take place over the weekend of 13/14/15th June 2020 in the Dales. The camp will be based at the BPC hut in Brackenbottom. More details will follow.

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