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I've been along to a few northern section meetings now and I'm looking to get more involved and get out doing some cave diving to build my experience. I'm pretty keen to push on and develop as a cave diver but want to do so carefully making sure I'm getting the right experience as I go. At the last meeting it was suggested the public forum was a good place to reach out to other members to help with this.

For those who weren't at either of these meetings;

I've been a caver for around two and a half years with York Caving Club, digging every week in the Excalibur/Jenga series (with Matt Ewles and Adele Ward among others) as well as sporting trips in the Yorkshire dales, Wales and Chepstow.

Diving wise I've several qualifications through BSAC  over the last ten years; to Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor (plus instructor for a few other smaller courses), trimix certified to 60 m and have done some time on an inspiration CCR (although not for several years now). In caves I've done a couple of dives thanks to Ben Wright and Mike Butcher mostly in the peak district. I'm also pretty much set with my own kit, although may need to borrow the odd piece of gear depending on the cave.

I'm really looking to get involved in any way I can to build experience, whether it be cave diving trips which are appropriate for someone less experienced, dry hauling trips or even surface work assisting with kit-up and surface watching. If anyone is willing to do some open water skills training that would be especially appreciated (I can pay in beer and hauling where necessary!). I'm also looking to prove myself to current members to hopefully find someone to propose and second my membership to the group.

If would be happy to go on some trips with me or have any recommendations please drop me a reply.




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Hi Ian

Were you sat next to me in the helwith and I offered you my chips?

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Hi John. Yes that was me, thank you very much for the chips! I had some messages  come through on Facebook too so will reply to you further on there.


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