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Ogof Fechan  


Joined:1 year  ago
Posts: 4
30/07/2018 2:10 pm  

Last week while visiting Ogof Fechan I found a pair of 4ltr ex BA cylinders with din valves stashed just beyond the sump1 bypass. One was in an old Dudley caving bag, the other loose and they appeared to have been there for some time.

Does anyone know who the owner might be.

Gareth Davies 

Joined:2 years  ago
Posts: 2
17/10/2018 1:22 pm  

Did you ever find out who's these were? Are they usable? 😛

Joined:1 year  ago
Posts: 4
21/10/2018 8:48 am  

Despite efforts to locate the owner I've so far drawn a blank. The cylinders displayed a certain level of surface corrosion and I suspect they wouldn't pass test, but you never know. I'd be inclined to leave or certainly empty first before considering removal.


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