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New book: Source du...
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New book: Source du Durzon


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Rémi Bouchard has completed his new book on the Source du Durzon.  Details from Rémi below:


"It has got 190 pages, A4 format, more than 300 photos, unpublished documents of the early days of exploration, many details and untold stories, ... but in French.
I am not using any publishing house but make it print directly by a professional printer. Only the exact number of books ordered will be printed. No stock for further orders...
Here are some pages of the future book : https://youtu.be/mapG_gfzXzw
Also, if you want to have a hint about the result, this is those I did for another source (St Antoine) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SrD7Uy6kZE
The book should cost around 50-55 €. Shipping should be around 10 € as the weight is likely around 1.5 kg

Please let me know if you are interested.
Orders will be closed within a few day (from 25Jan2022) and I'll then get back to you for completing the order"


You cant contact Rémi Bouchard at: remi.bouchard@plongeesout.com

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