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Free Diving Equipment - sort of!


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Hi all,

At the dinner the other week I won a raffle prize for €60 worth of diving equipment from a German company called DLuxe Dive Gear. On closer inspection the money can only be put towards elasticated tank bands or stage cylinder rigging sets. They're not something I'm likely to need so I tried to order some just to give away. Unfortunately, the prize money can't be put against shipping or taxes. The shipping was quoted as €18 with a further warning that additional taxes may also be applicable due to Brexit. So I didn't order them as I don't want to pay a load of delivery costs for something I'm going to give away!

If anybody would like the code for the prize, please email me at geoff.crossley@me.com and you can have it. To clarify, you will get up to €60 of kit free, but only from the webpage link below, and you will have to pay for the shipping (approx €18) and possibly some import taxes as well. Even so, it'll probably be worth it if it's something you really want. Here's the link to have a look at what's available:


First come first served!






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