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For Sale - Otter Extreme Crushed Neoprene Drysuit  


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23/01/2019 2:16 pm  

Purchased this suit second-hand a few days ago but, disappointingly, it is too short for me! I've checked with Otter and they say it is a medium large short size, with size 8 (UK) boots. The 'short' bit was missing off the avert from where I bought it!

See link to size chart here:


The suit itself is in superb condition and looks to have been hardly worn, with no scuff marks on the neoprene, knee pads or boots. It has neoprene neck and wrist seals and a heavy duty zip (with protective zipped cover over the top) and two cargo pockets.

Please see some photos at the following link:


Happy to let anyone try it on for size. I would say you need to be 5' 7" tall or less for it to fit. Going to put it on eBay in a few ays, but thought someone on here may be interested first.

With the specification above, these suits are over £1400 new, but happy to let it go for a bit less than I paid for it - £250.00

I can also be contacted on 07779 30360 if you're interested, questions, etc.






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27/01/2019 12:56 pm  

Phone number above should read 07779 030360


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