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CDG Training Camp  


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08/05/2019 1:28 pm  

Hi all,

Please find attached info for this years Training camp.

Any questions , Please reply here.

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05/06/2019 1:49 pm  

Training Camp - Final details:
Saturday - Meet 10am Vobster quay . £6 per diver. Please pay this to Malc Foyle on the day . We will have a white board - Please sign in & out for each underwater training session. Sat eve . Food at the Wessex 7.30pm £6 per person (cash) - Chilli & Rice or Chicken Chorizo stew or veggie option + bread & Salad . We will have a beer barrel & wine, not sure of cost per pint/glass but cheaper than pub prices .When it's gone it's gone so bring your own if you intend to get shit faced. Clive will be doing a slide show. Bring & buy sale …. Will there be a lead smelting session or it that just too much excitement for one day ?

Sunday - Options are : Wookey hole , you'll need to be booked in by a qualified diver if you're a trainee .Skills session Line laying skills on dry land or dry cave environment .



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09/06/2019 10:18 pm  

Many thanks to Claire and Kevin for organising a wonderful weekend and to all the QDs that helped removed link


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