CDG Newsletter Issue 215 – April 2020

|CDG Newsletter Issue 215 – April 2020


Shortly after the last Newsletter was dispatched to the printers, and prior to its distribution, we learnt of the deaths of Norman Brindle and Simon Halliday. Norman was hugely influential in the early development of cave diving in the Yorkshire Dales. Simon was one of the Northern Section’s most active members and involved in major diving projects at the time of his death. This Newsletter begins with tributes to both, thank you David Hodgson and John Cordingley for writing them.

Novel coronavirus is currently sweeping the globe and most in the UK are under lockdown and following strict guidelines regarding social distancing. These rules have caused the postponement of the CDG’s AGM and possibly the training camp. Further details regarding the rescheduling of both events will be distributed when they are known. When the AGM does take place, the Distribution Officer post will be vacant as Jason Mallinson will be standing down from this key role. If you’re interested in volunteering to fill this post please contact Jason for more information.

One consequence of the delayed AGM is that you’re stuck with me editing at least one more Newsletter. However, with the current rules regarding travel, I fear that the July 2020 edition will be extremely thin and somewhat of a challenge to produce. Therefore, please, send me anything you have (without breaking any rules!). Exploratory and training logs that just didn’t get written, articles you didn’t quite finish or top tips you want to share - please send them through. I would appreciate as much content as possible to help me produce a worthwhile publication in three months’ time. The deadline for contributions to the next Newsletter is 1 June 2020. Stay healthy and when the restrictions get relaxed and the conditions are good, safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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