CDG Newsletter Issue 213 – Oct 2019

|CDG Newsletter Issue 213 – Oct 2019


Thank you to the many contributors who have provided the content for this Newsletter. The dive logs detail exploration within all of the regions of the mainland UK as well as in Croatia, France and Spain. The continued ability to dive at some of these sites has often resulted from lengthy and patient access negotiations with landowners by the divers involved alongside representative caving bodies. Such arrangements can change at short notice and Section Secretaries and active local divers can provide updates to the existing Sump Index for a particular region. Currently, the Northern Section is attempting to re-negotiate access to the underwater complex of Joint Hole, Meregill Skit, Chapman’s Rising and Aquaflash Pot and asks that other divers continue to assist by avoiding visiting these sites until a new agreement is reached.

A reminder of the Project 2020 safety initiative is provided in this Newsletter. All members are asked to use the next few months to record any past incidents that will help the Group improve diver safety.

The deadline for contributions of dive logs, diary events, diver status changes and other notices for inclusion in the next Newsletter is 1 December. Please note that it will be the final edition guaranteed to be delivered to members prior to the CDG AGM which will be organised by the Derbyshire Section. I hope to publish details of the arrangements for this meeting in Newsletter 214. Please also remember that the deadline for renewing subs is 1 December 2019. Section Secretaries will be able to provide you with the details you require. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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