CDG Newsletter Issue 211 – April 2019

|CDG Newsletter Issue 211 – April 2019


As always, many thanks to the contributors of all of the diving logs and articles which have combined to make this April NL atypically large. Due to a number of forthcoming CDG events, particularly the AGM, I have attempted to speed up the compilation and editing to get this publication and the detail contained within it out in good time. Whilst doing this, I have looked at the main media channels that the CDG uses to communicate. In the 6 months leading up to the publication of this NL, 190 copies of each of the Oct 18 and Jan 19 NLs have been distributed. However, during the same period only 69 members logged into the CDG’s website and there have been a maximum of 83 members of the ‘closed’ CDG Facebook site. Whilst it is pure conjecture what people may, or may not, have read within that period when accessing the various sites, it hopefully demonstrates the improved chances of reaching the full membership when using the NL. I appreciate that both the CDG’s Facebook site and its website have advantages over the NL in certain circumstances; but please be aware that it is unlikely (at current levels) that more than 50% of the membership will read any content published on them.
The deadline for contributions of dive logs, diary events, diver status changes and other notices for inclusion in the next Newsletter is 1 June. Details relating to the forthcoming Training Camp in June will be circulated by the Somerset Section separately when they are finalised.

Adrian Hall

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