CDG Newsletter Issue 205 – October 2017

|CDG Newsletter Issue 205 – October 2017


As this Newsletter was in preparation former CDG Chairman Brian “Scoff” Schofield passed away,
following an illness. His funeral service at Rawdon was extremely well attended by a great many
cavers, CDG members, work colleagues and friends. The next edition will include an appropriate
tribute to him.

Thank you to all the contributors of dive logs that report exploration in each of the four CDG
Section’s areas, plus Scotland and Northern Ireland. It has been a while since all were represented
in the same Newsletter. In addition, significant exploration has also taken place during ‘expedition
season’ in Spain, Northern Ireland and Croatia. This volume of dive logs and the requirement to
keep to a certain number of pages has meant that the single tourist dive and the review of Martyn
Farr’s updated Darkness Beckons book have been held over to NL 206. Tony Seddon’s
exploration of Torca del Regallon (C4) (see page 18) also features in The Ario Dream film being
shown at the Kendal Mountain Festival on 19 November. Some of the proceeds from the entry fee
will be donated to the Yorkshire-based Cave Rescue Organisation.

The deadline for contributions to the next Newsletter is 1 December and it should hit the door mat
that month or early January 2018. Following the changes agreed at the last AGM please remember
that the deadline for renewing subs is now 1 December 2017; Section Secretaries will provide you
with the details you require.

Adrian Hall