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Vitkovice Cylinders  


Joined: 2 years ago
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26/01/2020 10:26 am  


Has anyone any experience of using these cylinders which I believe come from the Czech Republic? 
A quick google suggests cosmetic paint problems are the main “worry” people seem to have which doesn’t worry me too much, but it would be interesting to know if anyone had used them long term? 
Depending on exchange rates they’re a pretty good price. 

Joined: 1 year ago
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26/01/2020 9:53 pm  

They make the Apeks branded cylinders, or at least used to.

I had a twinset, which I sold, and a pair of SM 12s, used since 2016 when I bought them new, with no problems to report.

Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 5
27/01/2020 6:33 pm  

Thanks Simon that’s useful info. 


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