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Possible hazard in Hurtle Pot or associated caves  


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04/02/2018 6:34 pm  

Through no fault of mine, there may be a rope on the loose somewhere in the Jingle / Hurtle / Midge Hole system. It fell down a tight slot in Bargh's Entrance (to Jingle Pot) several weeks ago, when I was attempting to sort out some unsafe old tackle hanging there. (The rope had looked like it was tied to the rotting ladder but it turned out it wasn't attached anywhere and, in the struggle to sort out the mess, the rope escaped.) I was unable at the time to retrieve the rope as I had no replacement tackle that day. I could see it below in a pile on the ledge, just before Frog Hall. When I did managed to get down the slot more recently the rope had vanished.

It may be that the rope has been carried away in flood, down into the Hurtle main passage. So it could be anywhere between Jingle Pot and Midge Hole (and even possibly up the Eastwall Outlet in Hurtle Pot, or along Midge Hole's Mosquito Plane). Thought I'd better mention this on the public side of the CDG forum, as I know that non CDG members sometimes dive in this system. Please look out for the rope and, if anyone does encounter it, please make it safe and / or bring it out. If you can then post a note here, so much the better.


Joined:1 year  ago
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20/05/2018 10:23 am  

John Duxbury found what we think is the missing rope recently and kindly brought it out via Hurtle Pot. So it looks like this possible hazard is now sorted.


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