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Ogof Capel - Fixed ...
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Ogof Capel - Fixed dive line removed from Sumps 1 and 2


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Following an extremely successful training exercise at Ogof Capel in June, the Welsh Section has decided to permanently remove the fixed dive lines from Sump 1 and Sump 2.

These short sumps are usually bypassed, entering the cave via Ogof Gelynnen and could be readily re-lined in the future should the need arise, so there is little justification for a fixed dive line.

Unlined, the cave offers a rare opportunity as a training site, where line laying and route finding can be practiced in either an upstream or downstream direction. Easy and unrestricted access, together with the option to exit dry from either side of the sumps make this an ideal training venue.

Those wishing to dive here would be advised to take a 50m line reel and a variety of methods for belaying it in both silty and clean-washed conditions. Inexperienced divers should be aware that visibility is easily lost; it would be inadvisable to enter this cave if you are not confident diving in low to zero-visibility conditions.


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