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Cylinder fills and ...

Cylinder fills and testing at Cromhall  


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29/09/2020 6:59 pm  

The Maritime Academy at Cromhall Quarry has recently taken over the diving centre there.

The fill prices are as cheap as they used to be, but they also do 300 bar fills now (for very little extra cost). All cylinders were still comfortably above the nominal pressure after cooling.

They also have in house facilities for cylinder and valve testing and I've been really impressed by the service. 

While I was there, Tony checked the threads on a few valves for me after some problems had been noted from the same batch. He also dug through his spares and scrap box to put together a valve handle assembly for me that I was missing and sorted me with a new inflator valve for my drysuit (all free of charge).

I left a few cylinders for testing and two days later had a call to collect them. 

Five star service, less than a mile from home and open 7 days!

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02/10/2020 9:01 am  

Thanks for posting that Pete; great to hear CDG members are getting such good service from a dive store. (My own local one looks after me well too but, sadly, not all such businesses are quite so caring.)

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03/10/2020 7:32 pm  

Unfortunately he did fail a 1979 cylinder I got from you though John (threads were gone), but the identical 1978 cylinder from Robin Brown passed.

The others I dropped off also passed, despite very well caved paintwork! I was advised to apply a good lick of hammerite when I got home (which I diligently did).



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