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CDG NL 215 (April 2...

CDG NL 215 (April 2020) Available Online  


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08/04/2020 10:12 am  

Ladies and gents,

        I hope that you are all well and healthy. CDG NL 215 (April 2020) is now completed. I have come to the conclusion that due to the current conditions within the UK, and to limit the need for non-essential journeys to distribute the NL, it makes sense to provide CDG members with a digital copy now. The paper copy will follow in due course. A lengthy delay to the printing and distribution of the paper version is highly likely and we won’t see it on our door mats until after the coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted. Whilst this is not ideal, under the circumstances I believe that this is the most responsible option available and importantly gets the valuable information out to as many members as possible in a timely manner. All paid up CDG members can download the file in the usual way from the CDG website. If you are having trouble doing this, please contact the Digital Manager or your Section Sec who should be able to help you.

As the government response to coronavirus continues to keep people indoors I fear that my job of producing a worthwhile document for July 2020 (deadline 1 June 2020 – hint, hint!) will be somewhat challenging. However, I am up for it, but my job will be made much easier if people can send articles, dive logs, diary dates, top tips etc. Could you please put finger(s) to keyboards – please no rule breaking to go diving! For trainees, you may wish to write up training logs as these can be referred to during the consideration of whether to award QD status.

At this stage I cannot say whether I will have to follow the same process for the July 2020 NL – I sincerely hope not.

Best regards and stay safe,


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