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Diving in tight beddings - tank valves

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Incident Description

Many moons ago when the bypass dig was in excavation at Malham Cove I opted to enter via the main river bed rising. I was equipped with 2 X 97cuft (12L) cylinders Note this section of the cave is a tight bedding plane All was fine until the air to the regulator that I was breathing from suddenly failed giving me no air. I rapidly changed to the other reg and swam on to the larger passage ahead. It was there I discovered the right side tank valve was shut closed. It had rolled along the bedding floor turning itself to the off position.

Lessons Learned

Keep tank valves away from the cave floor. And make sure both valves are fully open with the required half turn back to the closed position to make sure it has free movement
Line Management Unknown
Gas Management Minor
Equipment Management Major
Equipment Failure Unknown
Training Negligible
Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Minor
Cave Environment Major
Weather Unknown
Other Factor Unknown