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Wookey Line Junction Navigation Error

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From British Cave Diving Accidents Churcher and Lloyd 1980: Wookey Hole is extensively used by the Somerset Section of the CDG for training dives. On at least two occasions divers have come out of Coases Loop near 9:2 and have taken the upstream line instead of that leading to the 9:2 water surface. In Woods case he ended up in Wookey 20 and had to be rescued. In Nelsons case he returned after realizing his mistake. Similar mistakes have been made in Keld Head where there are a large number of underwater junctions. Note: Since 1979 the lines have re-sited.

Lessons Learned

The general issue of the correct navigation of line junctions is still valid. Correct dive planning with respect to expected line junctions is essential. Correct training on line management is essential.
Line Management Major
Gas Management Unknown
Equipment Management Unknown
Equipment Failure Unknown
Training Major
Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Unknown
Cave Environment Unknown
Weather Unknown
Other Factor Unknown