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Unfamiliar / Unsuitable gear

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Incident Description

The diver was called out to take part in a sump search/rescue operation. He had no personal diving gear apart from a drysuit so the CRO equipment was used. Cylinders were rigged for American Side Mount but the harness available initially was a traditional UK model. Keen to get on with the job asap the diver improvised using some bungee cord. No direct feed for his suit was available. Approx 30m into the sump in poor vis and constricted conditions the improvised bungee harness failed allowing one of the bottles to fall out causing the diver to become wedged. Scooping the bottle under one arm he limped back to base.

Lessons Learned

No matter what the pressure to get in the water only proceed when you are happy with the gear you are using. These are unusual circumstances but weve all bodged things to get the job done. Weigh carefully the risk against the urgency or importance of the dive. Dont bow to peer or other pressures (even if self inflicted). Bad practice is bad practice no matter what the circumstances. At this site the lack of a direct feed was irrelevant but as the diver was unfamiiar with the sump his lack of consideration of this factor was a poor decision and potentially serious.
Line Management Negligible
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Major
Equipment Failure Major
Training Negligible
Medical Negligible
Planning Major
Procedural Error Negligible
Cave Environment Negligible
Weather Negligible
Other Factor