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Snagged by own reel

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Incident Description

3 divers made a dive at PYO from Tradesmans entrance and due to some missing line within the site a jump reel was installed during the dive. The reel was a friction lock style Kent Tooling Stainless Steel jump reel loaded with 4mm Nylon line and a double P clip on the end of the line. In addition to the double P clip there was of course also the main P clip on the reel that acts as the attachment point. The double P clip (on the end of the line) is normally clipped to the reel handle when not in use to ensure line isnt spilled from the reel. On exiting the site the line was wound onto the jump reel and the reel removed and attached to a harness D ring at the waist by the last diver. About 30m later in very low viz the last diver could feel they were snagged around the waist area feeling down the P clip and line were pulled tight the clip was released and the diver exited leaving the reel/line/clip on-site to be recovered on a subsequent dive. It is believed that rather than attaching the reel to the harness by its P clip the double P clip on the end of the line was attached instead (and not reattached to the handle) leaving the reel dangling from the diver by the line and enevitably tangling on something. Although the friction lock was on the line being pulled from the reel in that direction loosens the lock and the line then started to unwind until the reel was empty and the diver caught.

Lessons Learned

. Crows foot lines together rather than using P clips as an attachment method. . Ensure the end of the line is properly secured to the reel. . Ensure the reel is properly secured to the diver.
Line Management Major
Gas Management Unknown
Equipment Management Major
Equipment Failure Unknown
Training Unknown
Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Major
Cave Environment Unknown
Weather Unknown
Other Factor Unknown