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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

Lost Trainee diver

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Incident Description

Diver A (QD moderate experience) and diver B (trainee 3 previous cave dives) joined 10 other divers into Pwll-y-Cwm over the AGM weekend. Diver A allowed 3 divers to proceed in but Diver C (QD soloing in 15s) was having weighting problems so it was agreed divers A and B would proceed next. Diver B told diver A he would be slow in descending due to ear problems so diver A proceeded to the choke and waited 6 minutes. Eventually a diver came down the line and assuming the diver to be diver B diver A proceeded through the choke. On the far side diver C attempted to communicate that he was not diver B (indicating his 15s in place of diver Bs 7s) but diver A did not comprehend. Diver A proceeded into the sump with diver C behind under the impression that it was diver B. When diver A turned the dive at the agreed turnaround (5 minutes in) diver C refused at which point diver A realised he had lost his trainee. Fortunately diver B was just behind and divers A and B proceeded out.

Lessons Learned

In a heavily trafficed site diver A should have stayed with diver B at all times. Had either diver A or diver C carried a slate they could have communicated. Diver A could have waited until there were no other divers going in.
Line Management Unknown
Gas Management Unknown
Equipment Management Unknown
Equipment Failure Unknown
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Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Major
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