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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

Drysuit inflator issues in constricted passages

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Incident Description

Whilst digging out a constricted passage the diver thrutched forward to a point were his chest was lodged between floor and ceiling. In doing so his drysuit inflator was triggered by the cave floor. Given the nature of the passage he was unable get his hands to the inflator to stop it until he had backed out into larger passage. The passage was on a steep incline and air had migrated to the feet but fortunately the diver managed to right himself and dump excess air.

Lessons Learned

Be aware of the impact of the cave layout. Consider whether a wetsuit is more appropriate for a specific dive. Consider disconnecting the inflator hose before entering a constricted section of passage.
Line Management Unknown
Gas Management Unknown
Equipment Management Minor
Equipment Failure Unknown
Training Unknown
Medical Unknown
Planning Unknown
Procedural Error Unknown
Cave Environment Major
Weather Unknown
Other Factor Unknown