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Cylinder Valve Casting Defect

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Incident Description

On pressurizing a demand valve a small leak of champagne bubbles was observed. Closer inspection revealed the bubbles were coming through the body of the cylinder valve casting opposite to where the first stage screwed in. Filing away the chrome covering to the underlying brass of the casting did not reveal a visible casting defect. The defect was presumed to be microscopic. The valve was the original parallel thread valve fitted to a 12L Faber steel cylinder purchased new in 1989. The defect manifested itself after 13 years of use. The valve was replaced.

Lessons Learned

Solid pieces of metal can show fail. Inspect all equipment regularly.
Line Management Negligible
Gas Management Negligible
Equipment Management Negligible
Equipment Failure Major
Training Negligible
Medical Negligible
Planning Negligible
Procedural Error Negligible
Cave Environment Negligible
Weather Negligible
Other Factor