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Incident Report 2020-05-01T16:26:00+00:00

Burst Stye

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Incident Description

Id commenced digging with what felt like the onset of a stye on my lower right eyelidalthough there was no sign of swelling.Buckets were filled at a max.depth of 2.5mtrs.then taken to the surface and emptied.After repeating this manouver 5 or 6 times I moved into the passage to drag more spoil back out.At this point I noticed difficulty in seeing through my right eyeas if one side of my mask had misted over.Filling and clearing the mask had no effect. On the surface I found a layer of somethingwith a spot of blood in itcovering my eye. This was rinsed out with bottled waterand then cleaned with a tissue. The irritation had gone. My of the opinion there had been a styeand it had burst due to the squeeze on my mask.

Lessons Learned

Dont dive if the symptoms of a stye are present.Filling my mask with peaty water could possibly have led to infection.On reflection it is unlikely that only one side of a mask will mist over.The reason for filling and clearing it was purely because I was ignorant to the effects of minimal pressure on a stye. I never considered what would happen.
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