CDG Newsletter Issue 94 – January 1990

|CDG Newsletter Issue 94 – January 1990
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  ABLJ     Altausseer See     Alum Pot     Andy Goddard     Andy Ive     Bagshawe Cavern     Black Keld     Bob Drake     Boreham Cave     Bridge Cave     British cave diving camp     Brown Hill Pot     Bunnadubher     Caldbergh Gill Cave     Cannards Well     change of address     Conshelf     Correspondance     Doye Gabet     Drysuit     Drysuits     Dye testing in Chapel-le-Dale     Editorial     Emergence du Ressel     Equipment     Faber     Font del Truffe     Font Maure     Fontaine St. George     Foreign news/reviews     Gorgazzo Spring     Gouffre de Lantouy     Goule Noir     Grand Goule     Great North Road     Grotte de Thais     Higher Heights Hole No. 3     Hirschbrunn     Holme Bank     Holmebank Chert Mine     Hurtle Pot     Insurance     Jean-Charles Chouquet     JN Cordingley     John Cordingley     Joint Hole     Keld Head     Kessel     L'Oeil de la Doue     Le Posh Restaurant De Gramat     Little Neath River Cave     Llygad Llwchwr     Lucayan Caverns     Malham Cove Rising     Meregill Skit     Mermaid's Hole     Mermaid's Lair     Minutes of cent. Committee meeting     Monitor Dive Computer     Notts Pot     Obituary     Ogof Afon Hepste     Ogof Capel     Ogof Cas     Ogof Ffynnon Ddu     Ogof Igam Ogam     Oliver Wells     Otters Cave     Owl Hole     Paul Whybro     Peak Cavern     Penyghent Pot     Petit Goul     Policloghaun     Porth yr Ogof     Publications     Regs     Regulators     Resugence by Odensee     Romania     Sand sampling in Wookey Hole     Scoff     Silica Mine     Source Bleue     Source de la Loue     Source de Lison     Source de Moulin de Caquery     Source de St. Saveueur     Source du Doubs     Spiro     T Makin     Technisub     Trebor McDonald     Trou Madame     US Divers     White Lady Cave     Wookey Hole