CDG Newsletter Issue 85 – October 1987

|CDG Newsletter Issue 85 – October 1987
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  ABLJ     Agen Allwedd     Aillwee Cave     Avalon     Bagshawe Cavern     Bidet Hole     Blue Hole Cave     Bob Drake     Bradwell Sough     Brian Scoffield     British cave diving camp     Carrickbeg     change of address     Chico     Chris Danilewicz     Comino     Coral Hole     Cowshead Cavern     Crack Cave     Cueva del Agua     Deepdale Rising     Devil's Eye     Diving medicine     Editorial     El Dorado     ElvenhomevGolden Dagger Mine     Fergus River Cave     fin retainers     Font del Truffe     Font Maure     Fontaine de Fontestaubes     Foreign news     French cave diving camp     Gautries Hole     Glasha More     Gouffre de Lantouy     Gough's Cave     Green Holes     Guiers VifvBagshawe Resurgence Cave     Hart Springs     Heron Hole     Holme Bank Chert Mine     Holmebank     Hot Tip cave     Hurtle Pot     Iguana Holes     Jingle Pot     JNC     John Cordingley     Lighthouse Point Cave     Line Laying     Little Neath River Cave     Lobster Pot     Lucayan Caverns     Marble Arch     Mars Bay Blue Hole     Mermaid's Hole     Mermaid's Lair     Mgarr-ix Xini Cave     Ogof Capel     Ogof Daren Cilau     Ogof Ysbyty     P8 (Jackpot)     Peak Cavern     Peter Glanvill     Poll Cloghaun     Poll na gCeim     Pollduagh     Porcupine Blue Hole     Prod's Pot     Quartet Holes     Queen Taffy's Secret Bubble     Question Mark Hole     Reef Caves     Rich Websell     Richard Stevenson     Rift Pot     RJP     Robin Hood's Cave     Rodyers Cave     Sanctuary     School Hole     Scoff     Section reports     Shark Hole     Source de St. George     Stargate     Sump rescue     Sump rescue progress     Swildons Hole     Swimming Hole     The Cave Systems     The Inland Sea     Thorns Dub     Topical tips     Trou Madame     Urchin Cave     Wookey Hole