CDG Newsletter Issue 82 – January 1987

|CDG Newsletter Issue 82 – January 1987
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  Axel Gnadinger     Beyond sumps accident report: Yorkshire Dales     Brants Gill Head     CDG AGM     CDG Training Schedule     change of address     Chert Ledge Cave     Chico     CMAS cave diving symposium report     Cortines Rising     Cowshead Cavern     Crackpot Cave     Cueva Culiembro     Cueva de Calduenin     Cueva de Samoreli     Cueva del Agua     Cueva del Osu     Cueva Trumbio     Diving medicine     Editorial     El Hoyo La Madre     Farfao de la VinavPont Newydd Risings     Fogg's Hole     Foreign news     Green Holes - Doolin     Harbour Hole     Hell     Helwith Bridge quarry access     HSE regulations     Hurtle Pot     Ilam Risings     JNC     John Cordingley     JTG     Ladyside Pot     Little Dismal Sink     Mangle Hole     Marniosa     Martin Holroyd     Mermaid's Hole     Neil Robertson's Cave     Newsletter advertising costs     Noxon Park Iron Mine     Ogof Garreg Fawr     Oliver Lloyd memorial fund     Oxlow Caverns     Pate Hole     Peak Cavern     Penny's Cave     Peter Glanvill     Rehurst Swallet     Reviews     Richard Stevenson     RJP     Rob James     Rob Palmer     Section reports     Sheepwood Cave     Sirijordgrotter     Stonelands Cave     The underwater association     Thorns Dub     Tub Hole     UBSS     Underwater expeditions     Wakulla Springs