CDG Newsletter Issue 78 – January 1986

|CDG Newsletter Issue 78 – January 1986
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  Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave     Cave of Katafygi     Cave Rescue - Little Neath River Cave 1/12/1985     Cnoc nan Uamh     Correspondence     Correspondence - Keith Bentham     Correspondence - Paul Stevens     Cueva del Agua     Daren Cilau     Deepdale Rising     Doolin Green Holes     DW     Equipment Reviews - Cyalumes     Equipment Reviews - Seasports Clip-a-Seal Cuffs     Equipment Reviews - Troll Cave-Diving Harness     France 1985     G A Walmsley     Gaping Gill     Gautries Hole     Giants Hole     Greece     Grotte de la Cretanne     Grotte de la Doux de Darcey     Hurtle Pot     Ilam Risings     Jordtulla Sink     Little Neath River Cave     Llygad Llwchwr     MW     Notts Pot     Noxon Park Iron MinevUamh Ard     NSS     Ogof Capel     Ogof Ffynnon Ddu     Ogof Llyn DduvGavel Pot     Ogof Llyn Parc     Otters Cave     P8 (Jackpot)     Peak Cavern     Pwll y Cwm     R B Parker     Review - Devonshire Sump Index     Review - The Blue Holes of the Bahamas     Review - Wookey - The Caves Beyond     RJP     Section reports     Short Gill Rising     Smoo Cave     Spring of Dracos     St Dunstan's Well Cave     Stoupa Blue Holes     The Green Rising     The International Sump Rescue Symposium     The Wookey Reunion     Witches Cave     Wookey Hole     Wookey Hole 1985 - A Full Report on the Terminal Dive     World's End Cave