CDG Newsletter Issue 232 – July 2024

|CDG Newsletter Issue 232 – July 2024


As always, thank you to the contributors for submitting dive logs and the numerous articles to this Newsletter. Despite poor weather in the UK and the "wettest winter since records began" there is a decent number of reported dives for this newsletter. Without your contributions this publication would be decidedly threadbare.

This is my first newsletter as editor and our special thanks must go to Adrian Hall for looking after it so well for the last eight years. There may be minor evolutions going forward, but the current newsletter format is effective - no doubt you will let me know to the contrary, through the usual channels.

I have recently had the pleasure of carrying out research using some of the earliest newsletters and dive reports dating back to 1944, and I have to stress what a valuable resource they are. Whilst it may not feel like it now, today's dive report will become tomorrow's history and your voices carry your stories of exploration forward to future generations with an authority nothing else can provide.

Please continue to submit diving logs, articles, top tips, book reviews and changes to QD status via or section secretaries. The deadline for the October 2024 Newsletter is 1 September.

Safe diving.

lan Lloyd

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