CDG Newsletter Issue 231 – April 2024

|CDG Newsletter Issue 231 – April 2024


As always thank you to the contributors for submitting dive logs and the numerous articles to this Newsletter. The poor weather in the UK has continued and this is reflected in the relatively small number of reported dives for the second Newsletter in a row. The UK Met Office's data confirm what most of us already know, total rainfall in Autumn 2023 was 122% of the 1991-2020 average and Winter 2024 rainfall was 129% of the average. Both seasons were warmer than average too. Fortunately, for those that haven't been able to dive for a while, David Brock has updated his work on an organisational approach to risk management in British cave diving which will give you something to read whilst watching it rain.

For those who have skipped ahead and read the last article in this Newsletter (p 25), you'll know that I decided not to seek re-election as Editor at the AGM. For those that hadn't read ahead, apologies if I've spoilt the ending of this particular edition. Either way, thank you all for your help and contributions over the last 8 years. On behalf of the new Editor please submit (via diving logs, articles, top tips, book reviews and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries so that they have something to pull together. I look forward to receiving my Newsletter in July without already knowing what is in it. The deadline for the July 2024 Newsletter is 1 June.

Safe diving.

Adrian Hall, Ilkley

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