CDG Newsletter Issue 230 – January 2024

|CDG Newsletter Issue 230 – January 2024


Happy New Year and thank you as always to the many contributors who have submitted dive logs and articles to this newsletter. The poor weather in the UK over the past several months or so is reflected in the relatively small number of dive logs from the Autumn period. Fortunately, some managed to escape the UK and not only has this boosted the thickness of this newsletter, the overseas trips have more importantly resulted in significant extensions in Pozu Azul, Spain. In addition to the UK and overseas dive logs, details regarding the forthcoming CDG AGM (April 2024), CDG Training Camp (June 2024) and access at Malham Cove are included. Furthermore, as was pulling this newsletter together news was received of Penelope "Mossy" Powell being added to the American-based Women Divers Hall of Fame for her pioneering role in British cave diving.

Many will be expecting me to predict the difficulty I will have compiling a reasonable April newsletter due to poor diving conditions (in the UK) over the winter period. This January editorial is reassuringly (?) no different and my plea is for members to send to me diving logs, articles, top tips, book reviews and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries so that I have something to pull together. For newer members, please be aware that there is no time limit on publishing information, so send in those old logs that you forgot about and finish those articles that you abandoned to prevent me having to write something myself! The deadline for the April 2024 Newsletter is 1st March. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall


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