CDG Newsletter Issue 229 – October 2023

|CDG Newsletter Issue 229 – October 2023


Thank you to all of those who have submitted content for this newsletter which is a bit thinner than usual for the October edition. This may reflect the overseas expedition diving which was ongoing when the copy date passed or poorer conditions in the UK over the “summer”. Unfortunately, although CDG Newsletter 228 was sent to the printers in June, it couldn't be distributed before the copy date of this October newsletter.

Please continue to send me your dive logs, articles, top tips, book reviews and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries so that I have something to pull together for the next Newsletter. In the next edition I hope to bring reports of the amazing progress made by the Pozu Azul team in Spain over the last few weeks and details of the forthcoming AGM (hint, hint Derbyshire Section).

The deadline for the January 2024 Newsletter is 1 December and this will be the final copy to arrive ahead of the 2024 AGM in the Peak District. Safe Diving.

Adrian Hall


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