CDG Newsletter Issue 228 – July 2023

|CDG Newsletter Issue 228 – July 2023


Thank you to all of those who have submitted content for this newsletter and to those of you that voted to retain me as Editor at the recent AGM. The long dry spell (that writing this will of course jinx) has enabled some pushing dives to take place and notable extensions to be made. Hopefully the good weather will continue such that further exploration can take place over the summer, both in the UK and overseas. For those undertaking all exploratory, tourist and training dives please continue to submit reports. Not only do they help Section members assess the progress of trainees they are also used to build a picture of diving activity which informs the analysis of incidents and accidents. To make this analysis robust and meaningful, it is essential that all dives are logged and where appropriate, any problems encountered are recorded in the CD's Incident Reporting tool.The tool is accessed from the Group's website and of note, the last reported incident was in May 2022. The data are reviewed periodically to inform the training programmes and share knowledge across the Group members to increase safety. If in doubt, record it!

By voting me back in as Editor you will have a further year of being chased for dive logs, articles, top tips, book reviews and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries so that I have something to pull together for John Cordingley to proof read and George Linnane to distribute. The deadline for the October 2023 Newsletter is 1 September. Safe Diving.

Adrian Hall


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