CDG Newsletter Issue 227 – April 2023

|CDG Newsletter Issue 227 – April 2023


Thank you to all those who have submitted dive logs for this newsletter. The April edition is nearly always thinner than the other newsletters due to poor diving conditions in the UK. Fortunately for them (and the Editor), some divers were able to escape the UK to Thailand and their series of exploratory dives, and the surveys produced, have helped provide half of the content. The other half consists of pushing dives made across each of the Section's geographical areas. Although CDG Newsletter 226 was sent to the printers in early January, unfortunately it couldn't be distributed before the copy date of this April newsletter.

All should now be aware that the 77th Annual General Meeting of the Cave Diving Group will be hosted by the Somerset Section and will determine (amongst other things) who will edit the next four newsletters. Elsewhere, the Northern Section will be undertaking repairs to the scaffolding at the entrance to Malham Cove Risings in mid-May and will also host the annual CDG Training Camp in mid-June. For any divers wishing to be involved or informed about these events please reach out to John Cordingley and Kevin Gannon respectively. Please continue to send your diving logs, articles, top tips and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries to the newsletter Editor. The deadline for the July 2023 Newsletter is 1st June. Safe Diving.

Adrian Hall


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