CDG Newsletter Issue 225 – October 2022

|CDG Newsletter Issue 225 – October 2022


As this Newsletter was being pulled together news broke of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Few in the CDG will remember a time before she came to the throne. Some members will have met the late Monarch through Group and BCRC involvement, others through their past or current professional lives.

Thank you to those that have submitted articles, surveys and dive logs for this newsletter. The range of reports demonstrate once more the breadth and volume of diving activities members are engaged in with some old sites being extended by different divers, often using newer techniques.

Many will now be aware that due to an administrative error, this will not be the last of the paper CDG Newsletters. The Secretary outlines the reasons for this on page 29 along with the excellent work done by Jason Pepper to address some of the underlying problems of Group membership administration. Further “Letters to the Editor” have been received in support of the continuation of paper copies and they are reproduced, with permission, in the pages that follow. So, please continue to send me your diving logs, articles, top tips and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries.

The deadline for the January 2023 Newsletter is 1st December and this will be the final copy to arrive with members ahead of the 2023 AGM in Somerset. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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