CDG Newsletter Issue 223 – April 2022

|CDG Newsletter Issue 223 – April 2022


As I write, the Northern Section is finalising the last few details for what hopefully will be the first April Annual General Meeting since 2019. For those making the trip to Ingleton and also looking to dive in the traditionally clear waters of the northern phreas, please be aware that the Northern Section compressor is currently (at mid-March) offline. The Section is hoping to get it repaired as soon as possible, but visiting divers requiring air are advised to check prior to travelling and preferably come with full tanks.
Thank you to those who have submitted dive logs for this newsletter. The April edition is often thinner due to poor winter weather limiting activities and this one is no different with no tourist or overseas reports. However, the content does reveal that notable exploratory work by Group members continues. Hopefully, with a return to better weather and international travel becoming easier again, the July copy will be somewhat thicker. So, please continue to send me your diving logs, articles, top tips and changes to QD status or Section Secretaries.
The deadline for the July 2022 Newsletter is 1 June. Safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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