CDG Newsletter Issue 218 – Jan 2021

|CDG Newsletter Issue 218 – Jan 2021


Happy New Year! Thank you all for the contributions to this Newsletter and for John Cordingley for spending many hours to ensure that this edition is as error-free as possible. There are no overseas reports this time, a reflection on the current circumstances we all find ourselves in. However, there are early indications that 2021 will be better and like many, I’m starting to think enthusiastically about delayed projects which, will of course, ‘go’ after just one more dive. That said, after a year of disrupted (in)activities some simple shakedown dives may be needed first. Fortunately, the CDG Training Camp in June will provide some excellent training opportunities in the gin clear visibility that is so commonly associated with the Yorkshire Dales phreas.

Despite everything, there has been significant progress underwater as the dive reports contained within the following pages show. Above water, ‘progress’ has also occurred with the CDG embracing Zoom (and similar tools) to run its delayed AGM and Section meetings. So successful has this been, that even the Central Committee has finally moved away from Skype. Hopefully, the Group’s 75th Anniversary AGM will allow members to get together in the same venue once more and the Welsh Section will be publicising further details shortly. Finally, please continue to send me your diving logs, articles, top tips and changes to QD status. The deadline for the April 2021 Newsletter is 1 March. Stay healthy and safe diving.

Adrian Hall

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